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Hiber Mattress Co.

The HIBERNate Kids Mattresses

The HIBERNate Kids Mattresses

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  • Optimal comfort and support: High-density and natural foam layers provide a cozy haven for your child's dreams while promoting proper spinal alignment.
  • Temperature regulation for restful nights: Our mattress's temperature regulation keeps your child cool and comfortable with free-flowing air and cool-to-the-touch Bamboo cover. 
  • Pressure relief for rejuvenating sleep: Exclusive NaturFoam eliminates pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and supportive surface for your child to wake up refreshed.
  • 6" profile: Experience all the comfort of a thicker mattress without compromising on space.
  • Motion isolation for undisturbed sleep: Let your child enjoy uninterrupted dreams with motion isolation technology, absorbing movements for peaceful sleep.
  • Sustainable and non-toxic materials: Crafted in Canada with sustainable and non-toxic materials, including our soy-based NaturFoam and soft Bamboo fabric cover.
  • Durability that lasts through growth: Engineered to resist sagging, our mattress provides maximum pressure relief and support throughout your child's adventures.

Give your child the gift of restful sleep and wake up to a world of endless possibilities!

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