Our Brands

Experience the Haven Difference: Unparalleled comfort, exceptional Canadian craftsmanship, and the highest customer re-order rate in the industry. Sleep on a Haven and awaken to a new level of comfort, rejuvenation, and well-being.

HIBER's mission is clear – to revolutionize sleep with a range of Canadian-made natural, all-foam mattresses. Redefining comfort, sustainability, affordability, and unwavering quality, HIBER caters to unique sleep spaces and compact living. HIBER's promise: restorative sleep for brighter mornings.

Bedface is where artistry meets everyday luxury. Our bedding is skillfully crafted from superior, breathable materials, meticulously designed in Canada and expertly crafted in Israel, renowned for its world-class cotton textiles.

How To Host Shopis the premier destination for rental property owners and customers who demand nothing less than the best sleep experience at an affordable price. Our luxury hotel-quality products are expertly designed and curated to provide maximum comfort, durability, and style.

Second Slumber provides access to premium, sustainable sleep solutions at a fraction of the cost.