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How to Host

How-to-Host 11" Hospitality Mattress (Medium Plush)

How-to-Host 11" Hospitality Mattress (Medium Plush)

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A "better quality" upgrade to the all-purpose hospitality mattress for professional hosts and looking to deliver above-average guest experiences.
The 11" profile height will match perfectly well with all Hotel branded standard/deep pocket sheet sets. 

884 Individually wrapped pocket coils allow for greater contouring and improved pressure reduction. 3 zones of firmness ensure the bed will not sag in the middle as would a commonplace mattress. 10% more coils means better contouring and pressure reduction. 

High-Density Memory foam is soft and contouring featuring cooling gel for more restful sleeping. An additional 1" layer of softer more compressible foam reduces pressure and gives a medium plush feeling. 
The durable cover tack and jump quilted to a super plush Bio-foam layer. The cover itself  is easily spot cleaned and features a highly breathable cover for better ventilation and proper temperature control. 

70% Compressed from original size and delivered in an easy-to-move and set up delivery box. 

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