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VitaGel Pillow

VitaGel Pillow

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    Bedface VitaGel 4-in-1 Pillow

    Designed to mimic the top layers contouring pressure relief of our premium Haven Lux lineup of mattresses. 

    • Dual-Zoned Comfort:
      Bouncy ICE-GEL BIO-FOAM on one side with significantly more cooling than conventional foam. Haven's signature plant-based BIO-MEMORY FOAM on the other side for that familiar sink-in comfort
    • Ventilating pockets throughout, key to temperature control and air-flow
    • OEKO-Tex 100 Certification water expanded foam for zero off-gassing
    • Refreshing 2-in-1 Cool Arctic touch or Cozy Cover sides
    • Foams made in Italy, cover made in Canada under fair conditions
    • Vegan and cruelty-free

    Includes a 30 day comfort trial.

    One pillow return per household. Please consider ordering one first before ordering multiples. We and the planet thank you for minimizing waste.

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